P1110074I am a Brazilian professional translator based in Valencia, Spain. I translate from English, Spanish and French to Portuguese.

Before becoming a translator, I worked as a lawyer for about 10 years, from 2004 to 2007 in Brazil, and from 2010 to 2013 in Spain.

I began my career in the language industry as a legal translator for Caselex. In 2013, I decided to become a full-time translator. Today I work as a freelance translator for several translation agencies and direct clients.

Due to my academic background in Law, I specialize in legal translations. I translate legal documents in a variety of areas, including Contract Law, Administrative Law, Family Law and Intellectual Property. I also have experience in other areas such as tourism, hotels, arts, music, website localization, voice recordings and subtitling.

Regarding my education in translation, I highlight the English to Portuguese Translation Specialization Course at Daniel Brilhante de Brito’s Translation School, a pioneer translation school in Brazil, founded in 1969. Also, since my beginnings as a translator, I have been attending various seminars, courses and conferences to improve my knowledge in the field. I’m a member of the following professional associations:

  • ABRATES – Brazilian Translators Association;
  • XARXA – Valencia Region Translators and Interpreters’ Network (Spain).