Depoimentos de clientes

“Danilo has been part of our english-portuguese team, for translating inspirational stories of amazing young changemakers to portuguese (quite a challenge to convey many facts + spirit in condensed form, since the texts are used in a cardgame). Cooperation has been a breeze. Trust, friendly, professional, listening, sharing, ideas, and also exchanging in team – editing one another. Anytime again!” – Eric Schneider, Youth Leader

“Danilo provided a great quality and demonstrated professional attitude as a freelancer for” – Sofya Mamaeva,

“Carrying out his job, Danilo has applied the highest standard of professionalism to his work, demonstrating a high level of commitment to the output and success of our company. Finally, also at the personal level it has been a pleasure working with Danilo.” – Marc de Vries, Caselex 

“Trabajar con Danilo ha sido todo un placer. Nos ha realizado un trabajo muy profesional y estamos muy contentos, con su disponibilidad, con las fechas de entrega y por supuesto con el resultado de la traducción.” – Alex García, Ontecnia